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Friday, June 24, 2011

R.I.P. Gene Colan

Legendary comics artist, Gene Colan, has passed away at age 84, after several years of poor health. His career was astounding, beginning in 1944 and continuing until just a few years ago. He drew everything - for everybody - including definitive runs on super-hero titles like Iron Man, Daredevil and Sub-Mariner, but personally, I was most familiar with his crime and horror books, particularly those published in the 80s. His lush and distinctive penciling style was perfect for the the moody, atmospheric genres of noir and supernatural suspense.

More information about his life and his passing, from his friends and colleagues, can be found HERE and HERE.  Rest in Peace, Mister Colan, and thanks for all the beautifully-drawn thrills and chills.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information; I'll be mention this in my entry at LiveJournal's SF Memorial List community.

Kevin Findley said...

The two Nathaniel Dusk series are among the few I still dig out every year to read again. RIP Mr. Colan

El Vox said...

Really dug Nightforce, which I found in a cheapie bin, but I think it's one of those comics that flew under the radar of most comic fans. I agree he had a long career, RIP Gene.