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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wednesday Covers: Xenozoic Tales

One of my favorite comic book series of all time is Xenozoic Tales by Mark Schultz. The series was alternately known as Cadillacs & Dinosaurs after the title of this collection and the subsequent Saturday Morning animated series (still not on DVD, dammit). Set in a wild post-Apocalyptic future where dinosaurs have been reborn and humanity struggles to maintain a balance between the new natural order and its pre-holocaust technologies, Schultz's series is gorgeously-drawn and cleverly written.

Schultz's artwork is classic, echoing the great illustrators of the past, while exhibiting a dynamism and romanticism all its own. I love it.

The writing is sharp, too, a genre mashup packed with adventure, intrigue, politics, mysticism, and great characters, topped off with satisfying helpings of dinosaur mayhem.

These covers are from the three oversized collections published by Kitchen Sink Press in the 90s. They're the ones I own, and don't quite collect the entire saga. The series has been re-issued a few times since, and I hope one day to acquire the complete collection.


Richard Bellush said...

This is indeed a good deal of fun – and don’t overlook the 3D edition. Classic cars, dinosaurs, and sunken cities: what’s not to like?

pookie said...

The complete volume was released a few years ago.
So you should be able to track it down.

Also, if you can find it, the CD based on the comic is fun too.

Christopher Mills said...

I can find the c0ollection... I just can't afford it. ;)