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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Sneak Peek: Kolchak Tales #2

Moonstone has just posted the solicitation copy for the second issue of Kolchak Tales: Night Stalker of the Living Dead, due in stores in April, 2008. Issue #1 has been solicited for March. Be sure to tell your local comics dealer to order you a copy or three.

The page above is from that second issue, and is just about the most text-heavy page in the book. Still, as Diana Rigg once explained to Miss Piggy, you gotta put plot exposition somewhere!

The three-issue miniseries – and the page above (click on it for a readable version) – is written & lettered by yours truly, with art by Tim Hamilton and colors by Ian Sokoliwski.

Here's the solicitation copy:
Written by Christopher Mills

Illustrated by Tim Hamilton
Cover by Dave Aikins
32 pages, color, $3.99

Forget the Children of the Corn... Kolchak and the local sheriff are up to their ears (pun intended) in ZOMBIES at a small-town corn festival.

But what is the terrible secret behind these walking, lifeless people...

and what else besides people has it affected?

This is one story Kolchak may not want to get to the bottom of!


Charles Gramlich said...

I lke that is the original Kolschack. The new one has nearly put me off on it.

Bill Spangler said...

Kolchak is looking good. And it's a dramatic scene, regardless of whether its text-heavy. I'm going to ask a stupid question here, though: is the sheriff a woman?

Christopher Mills said...

Yes. It's not a stupid question! You don't get a clear view of her on this page, and Tim didn't draw her as your typical comic book bombshell...

Bill Spangler said...

And she doesn't have to be the typical bombshell, not in a story like this one. FWIW, I've worked sporadically on a Kolchak plot where he teams up with a female emergency room doctor, and she's not a bombshell either. (The Typical Bombshell--sounds like a detective story title, doesn't it?) If anything, the scene works better with the sheriff as a woman. It's easy for me to imagine Kolchak waxing poetic, when making this sort of admission to a woman. And like you said, it has to go somewhere...

Christopher Mills said...

In pretty much every Kolchak story, Carl's in conflict with local law enforcement. Also, in the TV series anyway (tho not in the first two movies) he's almost completely disinterested in women.

In my story I thought it would be nice if a.) he got along with the cops, and b.) if he found himself interested in a woman. There's no romance per se – I didn't go that far – but Carl definitely likes and respects this woman, and for a change, it's mutual.

Paul Bishop said...

This looks like great stuff. I'm anticipating some great reading from you in 2008. Keep to the dream!