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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday Cover: Ka-Zar

Dynamic, lost world jungle action courtesy of the great Gil Kane (and an unknown inker – unknown to me, anyway). I like this Ka-Zar cover a lot – in fact, I like this run of the Ka-Zar comic book quite a bit.

The more character-driven Bruce Jones/Brent Anderson version in the 1980's started well before becoming tedious soap opera, but the last incarnation (at least the last I read), in the 90's sucked, despite having a good creative team. Taking the blond-haired Tarzan knock-off out of the jungle and dropping him down in Marvel's super-hero glutted New York City to fight super villains was a just plain stupid idea.


laughingwolf said...

all news to me, but looks interesting

Glen said...

I like Marvel's jungle heroes. At one time there was a whole raft of them. Maybe they should revive them like they did the Agents of Atlas and The Twelve.