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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

(Barely) Wednesday Cover:

I came to the X-Men late – and it took this marvelous John Byrne/Terry Austin cover to put the book in my hands. I'd always been a DC guy, and although I'd read the random Marvel book here and there growing up, X-Men was the first one I picked up with any regularity. I read it for a year or two after this issue, and then dropped it, never to really return. But this is a great issue.

I haven't been online much in the past week. Instead, I've been putting the finishing touches on the first two issues of Femme Noir and getting them off to the publisher... and I've been sick. I have a very painful, recurring gastrointestinal issue that the docs can't seem to diagnose nor treat effectively, and while it had been some time since I'd had an "attack," the past week has been pretty bad, and I haven't felt up to doing much.

Still don't, actually, so I'm signing off. More ramblings soon.


laughingwolf said...

hope they find the prob soon, and you get relief at last

great cover on that comic, like you say....

Charles Gramlich said...

That's kind of "uncanny." I remember that copy of the X-men comic with Wendigo very well. It was the first X-men I ever bought, and probably only one of a few that I did. Maybe it was the cover that did it for me too. I do remember the story as fun.

Hope you feel better soon.

Glen said...

I liked The Wendigo better when he was an evil force instead of an almost friendly forest creature the way he is lately.

Michael May said...

That's one of my first X-Men comics too. I came to X-Men through Alpha Flight and since this was an early AF appearance, it was an early gateway.

Really sorry to hear about your health issues. My wife went through a similar, very painful GI issue that went undiagnosed for a couple of years. It's maddeningly frustrating. I hope they figure yours out soon. (Hers ended up being Crohns.)