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Friday, May 30, 2008

A Quick Thought....

It's a good thing that one can hunt for and purchase used books over the Interwebnet at very reasonable prices. Today, for example, I ordered the three Gardner F. Fox Kyrik sword & sorcery novels I don't already have, and two planetary swordplay books by Charles Nuetzel (after reading about him on Charles Gramlich's blog) and not one of them cost more than two bucks.

The shipping, on the other hand... well, let's just say that once everything was tallied up, they didn't seem like such a bargain anymore. Postage was around $4 a book.

Ten years ago, there were dozens of good used book stores in Central Maine, and I would often take a Saturday afternoon and hit as many as I could, which was usually about six or so. They're pretty much all gone now. Aside from the fun of hunting among the shelves for cool stuff and rare treasures, there was the instant gratification of just buying the books you found and going home to read them.

Buying online just isn't as much fun.


Charles Gramlich said...

Although I sure like the convenience of buying online it really isn't the same as actually finding books on the shelves in a bookstore. Glad you picked up a couple of Charles Nuetzel's books. He had some interesting stuff.

BTW, I picked up Planet Hulk today. But 38 bucks. Taht was kind of high.

laughingwolf said...

i agree with you and charles, chris

even ordering new books, the so-called 'shipping and handling' charges make a 'deal' a 'non-deal'

Kevin Findley said...

That's one of the difficulties of living here in the UK; used Book Stores just aren't as plentiful. Old books usually wind up in the charity shops, where the volunteers and employees go through them before putting anything out on the shelves.

Retirement and moving back home just looks better and better with each passing day.

Craig Zablo said...

I'll chime in total agreement. We used to hit used bookstores everywhere. One of the joys of going on vacation was hitting upon a great used bookstore.

Maybe we should let each other know when we come across good online shops that don't kill with shipping costs.