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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


In 1971, publisher Sol Brodsky's Skywald Comics published three double-sized issues of Jungle Adventures, which reprinted a number of Golden Age jungle hero comics featuring such luminaries as Jo-Jo, Taanda, Rulah The Jungle Girl, and the original Sheena. But each issue also included a new adventure of a new savage hero: the crimson-maned Zangar - presumably created by artist Jack Katz, although the great Gardner Fox is credited for scripting the first issue. I have the first Zangar adventure above, and would like to get the other two.

I always found Katz's artwork interesting, appealing and a bit eccentric. A few years after working on this comic, he would create one of the very first independent comics (as we know the term today), a very personal, 24-issue science fiction epic called The First Kingdom, which he would write and draw for over a decade. I've only seen tantalizing excerpts from that series, and I keep hoping that IDW or some other publisher will get the rights to reprint it in a collected format.

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