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Friday, June 01, 2012

New EX2 TV Spots

My wife doesn't get it -- but I'm more excited about The Expendables 2 than I was for The Avengers (and I'm a big super-hero nut) and the new Bond film (card-carrying Bondophile since I was 15) combined.

From these two TV spots, it looks like EX2 is going to have a lot more (intentional) humor, and the action will be better-lit - which addresses the two most frequent complaints I read about the first movie. Personally, I can't wait!


El Vox said...

I enjoyed the trailer, I caught it at the Avenger movie. I was surprised it had that much star power, and should be a fun romp. I hope it turns out well. I'm excited about the Prometheus movie, so we'll see.

Weird WWII said...

My wife and I can't wait to see it too! Sice JCVD is in the new one you gotta see "JCVD" itself if you haven't already. You'll fall in love with the "Muscles from Brussels" all over again.

Let's get to the action!