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Monday, April 23, 2012

Atomic Hotties: Charisma Carpenter

Time for a picture of another beautiful woman. That's right - this blog features self-promotional hype, B-movies, comic books, space opera, crime fiction, sword and sorcery, pictures of my pets, and gorgeous dames.... pretty much all the stuff I like. That's what personal blogs are for, right?

Like most people, I first discovered the aptly-named Charisma Carpenter when she co-starred on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and its spin-off, Angel in the latter half of the 90s. I also enjoyed her appearances on a couple other of my favorite TV shows, Veronica Mars and Legend Of The Seeker. What can I say? I love shapely brunettes.

I was pleased to hear recently that she'll be reprising her role as Jason Statham's girlfriend in the forthcoming Expendables 2. Another reason to look forward to it....


Weird WWII said...

Don't forget her Playboy spreads too! I've met her in real life at a comic con a few years back and she is as gorgeous in the flesh as she is on the screen.


Jack Badelaire said...

Good to hear re: Expendables 2. I was happy to see C.C. in the first movie, even if it was a bit part.

Christopher Mills said...

If I recall correctly, she has a little more screen time in the Extended Cut of The Expendables. (Or maybe it just seems that way because Stallone and Statham's characters talk about her more....)