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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday Cover: IronJaw

I recently connected with artist Pablo Marcos on Facebook, and that reminded me of this favorite barbarian series from the short-lived and somewhat notorious Atlas Comics -IronJaw. Here's Pablo's cover for the fourth and final issue.

A bizarre amalgamation of Conan and The Mighty Samson, IronJaw was a badass warrior who roamed a savage post-Apocaylptic wasteland, wenching, brawling, killing, fighting monsters, etc. And he had - surprise! - an iron jaw.

Okay, it the jaw was goofy ("goofy" was sort of Atlas' trademark), and stolen - like the name - from a Golden Age supervillian, but it made an interesting, dramatic visual, and Pablo's art on issues 2-4 + the one-shot Barbarians issue, was gorgeous, with the artist's distinctive style and elaborate linework virtually exploding off the page.

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