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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Fly the Unfriendly Skies!

Well, in the next month or so, the first issue of Moonstone's Air Fighters anthology should be hitting the shelves. Flying formation alongside such (revamped) Golden Age aces as Airboy, The Black Angel, Sky Wolf, The Flying Fool and the Iron Ace will be the legendary Captain Midnight, who stars in his own 8-page adventure.

Titled "Pyramid of Fear," this story was plotted by yours truly and artists Richard Clark and Rick Burchett. Rick B. then provided the pencils and Rich C. expertly embellished them in ink. Finally, I scripted and lettered the action-packed tale. The three of us are working together on the next Cap story for AF #2 in the same manner, while Rich keeps plugging away solo on the CM Zero issue art.

Here's a sample of Burchett's excellent pencils to whet your appetite:

I hope you enjoy this sneak peek, and will check out the book when it hits the stands. Me, I can't wait to see it; I haven't seen any of the other stories (just a few character sketches on the Moonstone website) so I'm eager to see what my fellow creators have come up with!


Chris said...

These look fantastic.

Charles Gramlich said...

Whoa, those are seriously cool.

Jay said...

VERY nice!

Chad Carter said...

Oh my. The news and the preview art is a gnarly gnarl. Can't wait!