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Thursday, January 14, 2010


The long-anticipated, years-in-the-making, Captain Midnight prose fiction anthology, titled the Captain Midnight Chronicles, is finally taxiing onto the runway in preparation for launch. I'm really proud of this volume, from the striking cover painted by my Midnight co-pilot Richard Clark and designed by yours truly, to the wide variety of the dozen pulp tales lurking beneath it. Some are slightly campy, some are suspenseful, but all of them are hard-hitting, high-flying pulp adventure stories in the finest tradition of the genre.

Moonstone Books has officially solicited the book to the distributors for a May/June 2010 release. There's both a trade paperback version and a limited edition hardcover. The CM Chronicles can be ordered through your local comic shop or you can pre-order it through Amazon. Here's the company's solicitation copy:


Written by: John J. Nance, Stephen Mertz, Chuck Dixon
Chapter Art: Vatche Mavlian

Cover: Richard Clark
224 pages, b/w, squarebound, softcover, 6 x 9, $16.95
10 digit: 1-933076-68-2-----13 digit: 978-1-933076-68-3

234pg Ltd Ed HC = $29.95 1-933076-69-0978-1933076-69-0

Featuring New York Times bestselling aviation novelist John J. Nance! Born in the blazing crucible of war, but sworn to fight for peace, the mysterious obsidian aviator known only by the codename Captain Midnight… flies again! An ace pilot, super secret agent, and astounding scientific genius, the heroic Captain Midnight returns when we need him most, along with his legendary Secret Squadron– to battle spies, saboteurs and the mercenary armies of the evil warmonger Ivan Shark and his delectably deadly daughter, Fury.

Join the Captain and his elite air warriors in eleven all-new stories by some of the greatest adventure writers in the world, as they battle evil and fight for freedom all over the world!

*(HC edition includes a special “history of Captain Midnight” section!)

A complete list of contributors, and their stories from the book, follows:

"Countdown to Midnight" By Christopher Mills
"Captain Midnight at Ultima Thule" By Win Scott Eckert
"The Black Dragon" By Mark Justice
"Shipwreck In The Sky" By Robert T. Jeschonek
"Death master of The Secret Island" By Trina Robbins
"Wind & Rain" By Tim Lasiuta
"Cushy Job" By P.C. Hamerlinck
"Captain Midnight Meets Airboy" By Chuck Dixon
"Fantastic Island" By Robert Greenberger
"The Dark of Midnight" By Stephen Mertz
"Witch of The Waning Moon" By Howard Hopkins
"A Mission In Time" By James J. Nance

PRE-ORDER from Amazon: Captain Midnight Chronicles


Glen Davis said...

Great News!

Mike Cleary said...

Hi Christopher! It seems like I've been hearing about this for years...I can't wait!

Christopher Mills said...

You have been hearing about it for years!

But it's on the way at last.