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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday Cover: Star Trek!

In honor of the new Trek movie, I present the cover to Gold Key Comics' Star Trek #19 – "The Haunted Asteroid!"

Gold Key's Trek comics were a real trip; the crew was usually wildly out of character, the likenesses were vague at best (although the art was usually quite nice, it was drawn in Europe by artists who'd never seen the show), tons of technical errors (note Spock's red shirt on this cover!), and outrageously silly space opera plots. Still, for a lot of years, these comics were the only new Trek stories being produced in any medium, and when I was a kid, I ate them up.

I don't know who painted this cover, but it's actually pretty cool.


Ian Sokoliwski said...

PEW, PEW!Take THAT, haunted asteroid!

Anonymous said...

I ate up the Gold Key Dark Shadows comics when I was a kid!! I still have them holed away in a box somewhere.

Any update Christopher on your new Night Stalker series for Moonstone?