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Monday, May 11, 2009

Hacked Off

Some of you may have received warnings from Google about my websites if you've tried to visit, or Those sites were apparently hacked by assholes who added unauthorized code to some of the pages. This code may (or may not) have been designed to infect unwary visitors with spyware or viruses. There is no way that I could have kept them out and I had no way of knowing I was hacked until – thankfully – one of my visitors informed me of the Google warning.

The atomicpulp site has been fixed and cleared by Google, and I am in the process of fixing the other sites now. They should be clear today, although it may take Google a while to get around to inspecting them and marking them as clear.

I simply don't understand the mentality of losers like these hackers, who apparently have nothing better to do with their lives and talents. If it was a personal act of revenge, that I could understand. But this? It's just stupid.

By the way – my blogs, being hosted by Blogger, were NOT effected by these hacks.


Unknown said...

In most cases the hackers are software - not actual humans. So I doubt it was personal.

Christopher Mills said...

I know it wasn't personal, that's what pissed me off. personal I could understand and maybe even respect. It's this random, malicious shit that makes me mad.