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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to the Gentlemen of Horror!

I'm a bit late in acknowledging the anniversaries of the births of the three greatest horror stars of the 60's and 70's – Peter Cushing (May 26, 1913), Vincent Price (May 27, 1911) and Christopher Lee (May 27, 1922). Of the three, we are fortunate to still have Christopher Lee with us and still acting – according the IMDb, he has six movies yet to be released, in addition to his over 250 other film and television appearances!

Between them, they've provided me with countless hours of sinister cinematic satisfaction, and I can't imagine my life without their presence. Happy birthday, gentlemen!


El Vox said...

Re: Wow, Lee made 250 movies, that's a lot, I wonder what the record is? I've enjoyed all of these actors films from time to time too (and still do). I'm probably more familar with Price: The Fly, House on Haunted Hill, House of Wax to name a few. I just saw the Will Smith version of I Am Legend, and need to watch the Vincent Price version. What would you recommend from the other two gents from their horror work?

Martin Powell said...

I'll be happy to recommend a few Cushing/Lee films.

THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (the modern classic horror film era begins)
HORROR OF DRACULA (the greatest Dracula film ever made.)
THE MUMMY (One of Lee's finest, most sensitive performances.)
THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES (Peter Cushing's first portrayal as the definitive Sherlock Holmes)

There's plenty more where those came from.

Have fun!

Pericles said...

Cushing really was the best Holmes, and the film itself was pretty entertaining. I also liked him in BRIDES OF DRACULA and THE VAMPIRE LOVERS.

Although in no way horror flicks, Lee is dryly funny and steals the show(s) in THE THREE MUSKETEERS and THE FOUR MUSKETEERS.

El Vox said...

Thanks Martin, I'll have to queue up some of these on Netflix. I have a cheapo DVD here called The Satanic Rite of Dracula with both Lee & Cushing on it. Another Cushing movie I enjoy is a low budget SF movie called Biggles: Adventures in Time. Time travel, WWI flying ace movie that's just fun to watch.


Chris Lee considers the original Wicker Man his best work.