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Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Am Not A Number!

A major hole in my Spy-Fi collection was filled this past weekend when I was finally able to purchase A&E's 40th Anniversary Collector's Edition of the Patrick McGoohan series, The Prisoner.

For years I've tried to collect the series – first on VHS and then on DVD, but for some reason, I never managed to accumulate more than a small fraction of the series' seventeen episodes. Fortunately, I finally managed to stumble upon a previously-viewed (i.e. "used") complete box set at a time when I actually had the cash to pay for it. My wife and I have been watching an episode each evening, and I'm finding the show even stranger than I remembered.

I first read about the series in Starlog magazine around 1977, and soon after, it started airing on our local PBS affiliate. I watched it whenever I could, but there are several episodes I have never seen. I'm looking forward to remedying that sad state of affairs.


Chad Carter said...

Greatest show ever made. If I had to pick one episode as a favorite, it'd probably be "Schizoid Man." Brilliantly cool.

Bill Spangler said...

Hope you enjoy them. This is a classic show, IMHO, and it's message is still very timely.

MANDRA said...

Hi! Brilliant Blog and awesome work!

A hug from Spain!