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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wednesday Cover: May I Cut In?

This Complete Detective pulp cover seems like an appropriate kick-off for the month of October (even if the magazine itself is cover-dated "May"), with its eerie, danse macabre theme. From the art style and the shape of the mostly illegible signature, I'm guessing this painting is the work of legendary pulp illustrator Norman Saunders. In any case, it's a creepy piece and expertly executed.


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El Vox said...

Neat cover. There are new Creepy and Eerie compilations out now, and Barnes & Nobles carries them, if interested. A lot of good artist drew for them.

Here's a link:

Also I might mention a series on AMC that is having a maraton tonight starting at 7pm, which is called Breaking Bad. I caught it during the summer and it was a short series (7 or 8 episodes, perhaps?),although they've picked it up for a second series. It is about a high school chemistry teacher that comes down with cancer. He has an invalid son, a wife that's pregnant, and like us all, growing credit problems. So to deal with his money woes, starts making and selling meth. (I know, bad idea, and that's where the series gets interesting however.) It starts around 7pm, and if interested check it out.