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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mid-Week Miscellany

I've been busy lately.

• I've been writing some comics scripts, trying to wrap up some older projects so I can start thinking about new ones; lettering Moonstone's upcoming Kolchak Tales Annual (which I did not write) guest-starring Dark Shadows' vampire, Barnabas Collins; doing some top secret editing for a new comics outfit (which I should be able to announce soon – it's very exciting!); and trying to pen some new reviews for the Guns In the Gutters blog (which has been updating every other day for the last couple of weeks.

• The third issue of Femme Noir: The Dark City Diaries is still in limbo – I thought for sure it would be on sale this week, but it's not on the distributor's shipping list. Maybe next week. Believe me, no one's more frustrated by its lateness than I am. It's especially disappointing, as I think it's the best issue so far.

• I'm in the midst of re-reading Max Allan Collins' "Nolan" novels, and watching DVDs of the third season of the original Mission: Impossible television show and Filmation's 1977 animated series, The New Adventures of Batman (co-starring the irrepressible Bat-Mite!). I have very fond memories of this cartoon, which featured Adam West and Burt Ward verbally reprising their roles as Dynamic Duo from the 60's live-action Batman show, and have wanted to pick it up for the last couple of years. It's silly, but I love it.

• Brandi and I went down to the town office and voted this afternoon since we're going to be out of town on Election Day. We're leaving here early Sunday morning for a two-week trip to the Midwest, where we'll be visiting with my bride's family in Arkansas and Missouri. Hopefully, the trip will be fun and relaxing and devoid of any serious hassles.

I'm hoping that I'll return from this vacation recharged, and rarin' to go on my various creative endeavors. There's so much that I want to do, but it seems like I never have the energy reserves to get it all done. Hopefully that will change this winter and in the coming year.

Have a great couple of weeks, folks!


Charles Gramlich said...

Enjoy your vacation. Hope it is relaxing. If you go through a little town called Charleston in Arkansas you'll see the place where I went to school. Grew up in that area.

bish8 said...

Have a great time on your trip. Enjoy Collin's Nolan books. I remember them fondly. I just reread his first Broker novel and am about to start another of his titles, Stripped For Murder.

Glen Davis said...

According to the Midtown Comics list, Femme Noir will come out on Nvember 5.

Brian said...

Have a great vacation, and glad to hear that I didn't miss Femme Noir No. 3.