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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday Cover: Legion Of Monsters

The legendary Neal Adams brings Marvel Comics' versions of Frankenstein and Dracula – as well as Dave Cockrum's Creature from The Black Lagoon "homage," The Manphibian(!) – to vivid life on the cover of this classic Marvel B&W magazine. As I recall, it was a one-shot published to use up some leftover inventory material from the company's other, recently-cancelled, horror mags. Still, I remember it fondly... and how can you not love that cover?


Cunningham said...

I wish Marvel would get to reprinting ALL of the B/W comic, excuse me...magazines from this period.

Master of Kung Fu
Iron Fist
Tomb of Dracula
Legion of Monsters
Doc Savage


Charles Gramlich said...

The "Manphibian?" Sounds like a Sci Fi original movie.

Kevin said...

Don't forget Man-God, Marvel's adaptation of Philip Wiley's 'Gladiator'.

Didn't Marvel also use Legion of Monsters as the sub-title in an issue of Marvel Premiere shortly after this? I seem to remember Ghost Rider and Man-Thing in the story.