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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another Femme Noir Review!

Kevin Burton Smith, the canny proprietor of the legendary Thrilling Detective website (home of some of my short fiction, and former home of the Femme Noir webstrip), has just posted an extremely gracious article/review of the Femme Noir: The Dark City Diaries comic book on his blog. This means a lot coming from Kevin, who really knows his detective fiction.

Here's an excerpt:
Femme Noir, is finally (finally!) making it into print, revamped and ready to kick ass, and anyone out there who likes detective stories and comic books and isn't getting enough high-fibre pulp in their diet is definitely in for a treat. Imagine Red Harvest meets The Dark Knight, starring the bastard love-child of radio's The Shadow and Eisner's The Spirit set loose in Gotham City, with a script cobbled together by Chester Gould, Dash Hammett and Bob Kane on a three-day bender (possibly at Spillane's house). And then imagine the Spirit as a dame with to-die-for-gams in a broad-brimmed hat, a trenchcoat, fishnets and spike heels. Armed with twin automatics not afraid to sneeze "KA-CHOW!"
(Of course, it was Bill Finger who wrote those great Golden Age Batman stories, not the solely-credited Bob Kane, but man, I appreciate the compliment. Wow!)

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El Vox said...

Nice kudos there, bub.