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Friday, September 08, 2006

The Night Driver is coming...

On September 30th, my first graphic novel, The Night Driver, published by Moonstone Books and CinemaGraphix, hits store shelves. Here's the solicitation copy for the GN:
Written by: John Cork
Comic Book Adaptation: Christopher Mills
Art/Colors: Christopher LaGasse
Cover: Attila Adorjany
96pgs, squarebound, color, mature, $12.95

A freaky read from the producer of the film Menace II Society. COMICS & FILM COLLIDE! You've read the 99cent teaser, now its time to grab onto the real deal! The FIRST full co-venture between MOONSTONE and film publisher CINEMAGRAPHIX!

An ordinary traveling salesman on an uneventful trip through the Midwest, until, that is, he picks up a seriously ill hitch hiker. That's when the pounding HEADACHES start... & bizarre HALLUCINATIONS... & the creeping paranoia... MISSING TIME... & all those MUTILATED BODIES....

A dedicated family man, all Hurdis Jones wants to do is make it home to his worried wife and kids. But his journey becomes impossibly long and fraught with horror.

"Cinematic storytelling takes you on a relentless ride in this top-notch thriller. Smart, dark, sexy, and at times brutal. -- Max Allan Collins, author of Road to Perdition
Purely a work-for-hire assignment, I adapted a screenplay by John Cork into graphic novel form, and it was illustrated by newcomer Christopher Legasse. Although the story isn't my own, it was a real challenge for me as a writer to take a script intended for film and make it work in comics form, especially as it's a suspense story, an unusual genre for comics.

I'm hoping to do more work for the CinemaGraphix guys in the future.

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John Platt said...

Cool. Looking forward to it.