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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Damnation Alley for Kids: Ark II

BCI/Eclipse, the company that has the rights to the Filmation kidvid library, is beginning to dip into that studio's live-action fare, beginning with the post-Apocalyptic adventure series, Ark II: The Complete Series.

To be honest, I don't remember this show as well as I do Filmation's later live-action programs like Shazam!, Isis, Space Academy and Jason of Star Command, but I do vaguely recall the crew going up against Bob Short's Robby the Robot Replica in one episode (has anyone ever done a definitive list of Robby film/TV appearances? Hmmm....) and thinking it was cool that on Space Academy, the "Seeker" spaceships had the same front end as the Ark.

Here's part of BCI's press release:
The year is 2476, and the Earth has become a biological wasteland. Three young scientists—Jonah (Terry Lester), the leader; Ruth (Jean Marie Hon), the medic; and Samuel (Jose Flores), the young, technological genius—are joined by their sidekick, Adam the talking chimp, as they scour the globe in the Ark II. Their mission: to bring hope of a new future to mankind, while teaching those remaining earthlings valuable life lessons about ecology and social justice.
Well, I'm looking forward to this DVD (which streets on Nov. 7 with a $29.99 SRP), and even more so to the company following up with more of Filmation's live-action shows. Then I can throw away my bootlegs of Space Academy and Jason, and be able to revisit my schoolboy crush (literally) on JoAnna Cameron's Isis whenever I want...


John Platt said...

I think I might actually have a vague memory of this show... but man, Jason of Star Command! Gotta get my hands on that. I still remember Sid Haig as the bad guy.

Christopher Mills said...

Yeah, I know that Jason's on the schedule for next Spring. I'll keep you posted!

cath said...

Great show and cast! Two thumbs up!I will definitely buy the Complete dvd collection TV series for my brother.