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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Casino Royale trailer 2


Anonymous said...

I like this trailer even better than #1. There's a certain hard edge to Bond that seems promising. Daniel Craig might just make a decent Bond despite all the bad press he seems to have gotten over the role.
Eva Green who was good as the queen in Kingdom of Heaven looks like she'll make a good Bond girl too.

Christopher Mills said...

What I don't like:

If this is supposed to be a re-boot, with Bond's first mission, why is Judi Dench playing M again?

I don't like that the high-stakes card game has been changed from baccarat to poker.

What I like:

Pretty much everything else.

I especially like that I can actually pick out a couple of plot elements in the trailer that actually come from the novel. Here's hoping they have the balls to keep the book's ending.