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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday Cover: The Black Coat

One of my favorite adventure comics of the last few years is The Black Coat. Created by Ben Lichius and Francesco Francavilla, the Black Coat is a masked spy/adventurer operating during Revolutionary War, fighting the British - and the occasional supernatural menace. The character - a refreshing blend of classic pulp tropes with a unique setting and premise - has appeared in several comic book miniseries and specials from Ape Entertainment (coincidentally, the publisher of Femme Noir) illustrated by a number of extremely talented artists; this striking Gabriel Hardman cover is from a 2008 one-shot, and is probably my favorite.

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El Vox said...

I like the cover, I didn't know Francavilla worked on these. I'm currently reading his The Black Beetle from Dark Horse, and it's pretty interesting as well.