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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This Week at DVD Late Show

I started off this week at DVD Late Show with "Z-Day:" three recent DVD and Blu-ray releases that begin with the letter "Z." Specifically, the MGM Limited Edition Collection (manufactured-on-demand) edition of 1985's weird war tale, Zone Troopers; the latest horror offering from The Asylum, Zombie Apocalypse; and the 1971, monster-on-the-loose drive-in "classic," Zaat!

Tomorrow, I'll be posting a review of The Slams, a gritty 1973 prison flick starring the great Jim Brown. On Friday - well, hopefully, I'll have my review of the 1966 Ron Ely Tarzan television series, new on DVD from Warner Archive. Stay tuned!

1 comment:

Weird WWII said...

We picked up the Zone Troopers DVD a few months ago and I love the insane cover for it! About the only thing true to the flick on it is Thomerson's face and that's it. It just accentuates the greatness of this classic Full Moon flick with a B-Movie cover. In fact, its my favorite Weird WWII flick to date. Who could hate a flick that has a dog-faced GI give ol' Uncle Adolf a shiner!

Great flick,