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Thursday, March 01, 2012

PERILS ON PLANET X: Lair of The Science-Witch

This short comic story was originally created several years ago when the ultra-talented Jon Plante and I were doing the weekly webcomic version of the interplanetary swashbuckler, Perils On Planet X, at the short-lived AdventureStrips website. Steve Conley offered us 4 pages in the back of his terrific Astounding Space Thrills comic book to give his readers a taste of the Planet X strip. Unfortunately, everything kinda collapsed at that point, the webcomic disappeared, and the short story above never saw print.

A couple years later, I teamed up with the equally ultra-talented Gene Gonzales to reinvent
Perils On Planet X as a comic book/graphic novel. That version has also had a tumultuous, start-and-stop history so far, but... I'm hopeful that we will wrap up the first storyline ("Volume 1") this year and finally get it out to the world - probably in both print and digital form. Gene and I have been working out a plan, and I'm optimistic. Stay tuned for announcements in the months to come.

This 4-pager was designed simply to provide a quick intro to the POPX world and characters. It does give the first glimpse of the raknyri - the deadly scorpion-men of the planet Xylos - and if I ever get around to writing the second and third "volumes" of the epic POPX trilogy I have lodged in my head, we'll be seeing a lot more of those critters.

I hope you enjoy it, and Jon's unique artwork.

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