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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Cover: HEROES, INC.

Heroes, Inc. Presents was a 1969 comic book produced by the great Wally Wood to be sold exclusively in military PXs for the entertainment of American G.I.s. 

It featured several strips - Cannon, a hard-boiled and violent spy adventure, Dragonella, a comedic T&A fantasy, and The Misfits, a sci-fi/superhero mash-up. It wasn't a success, though a second "issue" was produced in the mid-70s as a fanzine.

I got my copy back in the 80s for a buck or so - apparently the title was way over-printed and under-distributed, so there were a lot of copies floating around for a while. It's a fun comic,

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Booksteve said...

It wasn't distributed at all actually but in the early seventies, someone came across the warehouse where the printed copies had been stored and dumped them on the market. Since there were so many all at once and so easy to come by, prices were low and stayed that way for many years.