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Monday, January 30, 2012

Comic Strippers!

Last year, my pal and Femme Noir partner-in-crime, Joe Staton, landed the penciling gig on the Dick Tracy newspaper strip, and has continually knocked it out of the park artistically. If you haven't been following it in your paper (assuming there's a paper in your town that carries it) or online, you've really been missing out.

Yesterday another artist pal of mine, Terry Beatty, with whom I worked on the Mickey Spillane's Mike Danger comic book some years ago, took over the art chores on another long-running classic comic strip, The Phantom (Sundays)! The first installment (above) looks beautiful, and I know that Terry (and colorist Tom Smith) are only going to get even better as time goes by.

It's a shame that so few newspapers carry adventure strips these days, but it's good to know that two of the most legendary American comic strips survive in the talented and capable hands of my friends!


BrittReid said...

I love the fact that Curtis and Staton are not only bringing back classic strip villains, but also introducing characters from other Tracy media incarnations, like Cueball (Dick Wessel)!
Can Gruesome (played by Boris Karloff) or SplitFace (Mike Mazurki) be far behind?
(although I'd draw the line at Joe Jitsu and Go-Go Gomez...)

El Vox said...

You're right, I overlooked this posting, those comics look nice, that's for the head's up.