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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Not Feeling It

For a number of reasons, neither my wife nor myself are really feeling the holiday spirit this season. In fact, less than a week to go before Christmas, and we have no tree, nor have we put up any decorations - the first time in the twelve years that we've been together that we haven't had either around the house.

It's not even a "Bah, Humbug," situation. Neither of us has any particularly negative feelings towards the holidays; we just don't feel like participating in the yuletide celebrations this year.

Frankly, it hasn't been a particularly great year, and although we've had as bad or even worse ones in recent memory, I think we're just feeling run down and worn out. I know that we're both really missing China - her passing has left a huge hole in our lives, and we've been having a hard time dealing with it. Money is tight - as usual - and there are a lot of things around here that need replacing or repair. And, as for myself, I really wish more of my friends actually lived close enough for me to hang out with them once in a while. I miss socializing with folks.

Oh well. I suspect that it's going to be a rough winter for us, but we'll get through it....


Tom Floyd said...

Chris, sorry for your lack of yuletide spirits this year. But I know exactly how you feel. Even tho friends aren't within a close distance, friends survive out there in the cold cruel world. I do hope you turn things around. I know I have to get moving and turn things around in my life too. The holidays are a tough time of the year. They always have been for me. But with all that aside, the best to you and yours this holiday.

Charles Gramlich said...

Sorry to hear it. Hope you and your wife's mood pick up. 2011 was a pretty rough here for me as well and I don't have much in the way of reserves left. I'm just pretty tired.

Jeffrywith1e said...

We're with you guys! We've been there for a few years now and it causes some tension in the family who do view it as bah humbug. My reasons for not feeling it are mainly how unbelievably commercialized the holiday has become. Nauseating.

Ed McKeogh said...

Same here. Money's tight; lost some beloved relatives this summer; and I'm 800 miles away from my friends and family. I'm just not feeling it this year. But I have two little girls, so I'm doing my best to make it a good holiday for them. Focusing on them helps a little. Here's hoping 2012 is better for everybody.