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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


My copy of Media Blasters' new Blu-ray edition of the 1968 Toho kaiju klassic, Destroy All Monsters, showed up in the mail today! It's a great package, far superior in every way to the DVD that came out from ADV Films back in 2000.

Not only is the HD widescreen transfer significantly better-looking, it also includes, in addition to the awful, "International" English dub, both the original Japanese language track (my preferred way of enjoying these films) and the far superior English dub prepared by American-International/Titra Productions for the original U.S. theatrical release. It seems to have been taken from an old tape source, and there's a little distortion here and there, but it's very welcome. Another cool bonus is the 7-minute Castle Films Super-8 "condensed" version of Destroy All Monsters!

Look for a full review at DVD Late Show in a few days. This new edition is also available on standard DVD.


Charles Gramlich said...

Great title, great idea. I don't know about this one, though. I've never seen it.

Anonymous said...

For some reason, some of the ads (including this poster) played up Manda, although he was relatively obscure. I had never even heard of Manda before Destroy All Monsters, and I was a fan of Japanese monster movies. It turns out he was in Toho's seldom-seen Atragon. Anyway, DAM is still my all-time favorite monster movie. Eleven monsters for the price of one.