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Monday, May 10, 2010

Gravedigger Noir

Here are three preview pages from the new Gravedigger comic story, "The Predators," which will be included in the new graphic novel, Gravedigger: Hot Women, Cold Cash. (Click on images for a larger view.) The scans aren't great - and I had to piece them together in Photoshop, so the tones aren't quite matching up - but it'll give you an idea of how the story's going to look.

The art is fully rendered in gray markers by artist Rick Burchett. I love it! It looks like something out of an old Warren or Marvel B&W magazine; in specific, it reminds me of the B&W work of the great Russ Heath.

Anyway, we're closing in on it, and I still hope to have it completed and turned in to Ape Entertainment sometime in the next month or so. I know it's been a very long time coming, and I hope folks ultimately decide it was worth the wait.


Charles Gramlich said...

Nice images indeed. I do like the classic look of it.

Anonymous said...

Did this book ever come out?

Scott Lovrine

Christopher Mills said...

Not yet--- but we're getting close...