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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday Cover: Pulp Fantastic

As I've indicated here previously, I've been going through some rough times of late (again). Fortunately, I have some good friends who have been remarkably patient and supportive and just plain awesome. (Many of them are reading this right now. Thanks)

One of these is my pal Rick Burchett, who's not only a great friend, but a fantastic artist and collaborator. So, for this week's Wednesday Cover, I've selected another one of his fine covers for the 2000 DC/Vertigo miniseries Pulp Fantastic.


(By the way - this is my 70th Wednesday Cover post!)


Craig Zablo said...

THAT cover is a perfect example of why I love Rick's work. Great design, and a cool style!

Craig Zablo said...

And I almost forgot to say, "Sorry to hear about your troubles. Hang in there, boss!"