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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick 'R Treat!!!

Happy Halloween to all my friends and readers! Today is not only my favorite holiday, but my ninth wedding anniversary. And since we were together for almost a year before we tied the noose - er, knot - this means that Brandi has actually managed to put up with me for nearly a decade. Through good times and a lot of bad ones. I'm a very fortunate man.

So, have a great holiday, and if you're looking for the perfect flick to catch after all the little masked extortionists have scattered back to wherever they were spawned, I highly recommend Michael Dougherty's Trick 'r Treat, just recently released on DVD and Blu-Ray after being shelved by Warner Brothers for almost two years because they were scared to release it to theaters in competition against those inexplicably popular Saw films.

It's great fun, though. An old-fashioned horror anthology that borrows the non-linear storytelling structure of, say, Pulp Fiction, with four or five interconnected little tales of terror. Good performances, creepy stories, and a real understanding of Halloween. Highly recommended!


Charles Gramlich said...

Happy Halloween to you as well.

El Vox said...

Happy anniversary to ya'll.

Martin Powell said...

I got this from Netflix and really wanted to like it, actually left me cold. I only watched the first half hour and then I turned it off, disappointed and somewhat disgusted. However, I had a grand time with the recent KARLOFF & LUGOSI set. Guess I'm just getting harder to please with new films, especially in the horror genre.