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Thursday, October 01, 2009

October Scary Movie Fest - Day 1

For the month of October, my wife and I intend to watch a "scary movie" every evening through Halloween (our ninth anniversary, by the way). The only exceptions will probably Friday nights, as those evenings are already reserved for our ongoing, weekly James Bond marathon (we're up to The Man With The Golden Gun). We'll be mixing it up with as much variety as possible; I'm planning on watching all or most of Stuart Gordon's horror flicks, a bunch of classic Universals, some 80s slashers, and probably all of the George Romero Dead films.

Tonight, to kick things off, we spun a newly-released DVD that arrived in the mail today, sent to me for review in my DVD Late Show column at Forces Of Geek. It was called Infestation and starred Chris Marquette and Ray Wise. The story was about giant alien insects attacking the Earth (or at least Colorado).

Since I'll be writing up a full review for my next column, all I'll say here is that it was a pretty decent monster flick, several cuts above the usual direct-to-video effort. Writer/director Kyle Rankin managed to make the most of his budget and balanced the humor, scares and monster action pretty nicely. And, of course, Ray Wise makes anything he's in more entertaining.

I'll give it a solid four Jack 'O Lanterns out of five.

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El Vox said...

Happy Anniversary--sounds like a good way to bring in October. A while back I was watching a few Fulci films. The Beyond I had seen before, but was worth a revisit as I have a better appreciation of the film. The other two I saw: Gates of Hell (City of the Living Dead) and House By the Cemetary are worth watching too. I watched them in segements on Youtube.

The new Zombieland w/ Woody Harrelson looks like fun, and I just saw an ad for an end of the world movie tonight called 2012 that looked interesting too.