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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wednesday Cover: Star Wars

I was thinking about Marvel's Star Wars comics from the 70's today, and remembering how much fun they were. Of course, this was before Lucasfilm really had their vampiric death grip on the licensing, sucking out all the joy and adventure that Star Wars should have and replacing it with an obsessive, convoluted and restrictive continuity. And though these books are kinda sneered at by today's Star Wars fans for being cheesy (this issue kicked off a six-part take-off of The Magnificent Seven* with one of the mercs being a 6' green space rabbit), I always thought cheesiness was part of the franchise's charm ("Luke Skywalker?").

Anyway, I have very fond memories of buying this series – and this issue – at the local corner store. Writers Roy Thomas and (especially) the late Archie Goodwin, spun some sublimely sweet space opera back in the day, and I still love 'em. Fortunately Dark Horse Comics reprinted the entire Marvel run in some nice trade paperbacks, so I can read them over and over again.

* I wonder if this is was where Roger Corman and John Sayles got the idea for their 1980 Star Wars rip-off, Battle Beyond The Stars, which also used The Magnificent Seven as its story template?


Scott Parker said...

This issue is a milestone in my life. This was the first time for a new Star Wars story after the first movie. It was golden. Back then, there wasn't an Emperor and Vader wasnt' Luke's dad. It was just one giant universe to explore. And it started with Issue #7. I still have most of the Marvel run and I want to re-read them. After awhile, however, Carmine Infantino started doing the art and I hated his artwork. Made reading the stories a bit difficult.

Christopher Mills said...

See? I loved Infantino's work on Star Wars, especially when inked by Terry Austin or Bob Wiacek. I can't explain it; there was just something about his stylized figures and clunky, off-model starships that just clicked with me.

And he made Leia really stacked.

Shobo said...

Just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say it's excellent!

Also, thanks for the "Outlander" tip :)

El Vox said...

I never read these Star Wars, although I have a reprint of the first issue. I have two of the Classic graphic novels which I enjoy, and neat art--Al Williamson.

El Vox said...

Oh yeah, loved Battle Beyond the Stars too, fun movie.