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Monday, August 10, 2009

Quick Report From The Front

Uncomfortably hot. Busy. Trying to catch up from my "lost" July. (Today was the first day in a month that I had no pain in my foot, BTW.) Working on a Kolchak script, and hope to have it finished shortly. Then, I have two other scripts I need to get done this month, if possible.

Got my new computer and office finally set up. Need to get crackin' on the editorial/design gig that I supposedly got it for. Having trouble adjusting to the PC/Vista operating system after 20 years of working on a Mac. I just can't find anything and the way it does things makes no sense. I guess I'm stupid.

It does handle media better, though, I'll admit that. Nice to be able to watch online videos and listen to internet radio without them constantly locking up.

Rick Burchett e-mailed me today to inform me that he has completed pencilling the new Gravedigger graphic novel. The first half has been inked by Fred Harper, and the just-completed second half will be going off to him in a matter of days. I'm thrilled.

Further, Rick and I are now free to develop another idea we've been tossing around. It's a cool one, I think. Similar to Gravedigger in some ways, but much bigger in scope, and slightly more fantastic.

I've also recently connected with a talented artist who is enthusiastic about drawing a project that I've had in my files since around 1990. We're developing it slowly – especially since my plate is so full – but I'm very excited about the possibility of finally putting it together. Of course, I have no idea if we'll find a publisher once the pitch/proposal is complete, but I'm guardedly optimistic.

So... sorry I haven't been posting here much. It'll pick up again eventually, and when it does, you can look forward (heh) to a series of in-depth posts on the most epic of 80's action film franchises: the American Ninja quadrilogy.

Bet you can't wait.

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Craig Zablo said...

Excellent news. Sounds like you've made it through the rain.