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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday Cover: Werewolf

Some time back, I posted the covers of Dell's first two "super-monster" comic books, Dracula and Frankenstein. Well, here's the third, inevitable entry, Werewolf, the only one I haven't actually seen.

And it's a shame, too, because I think I could really have gotten into this one, as it's about a super spy codenamed "Werewolf" who battles enemy agents along side his pet wolf. This means that Dell was not only trying to capitalize on the Silver Age super-hero boom and the Famous Monsters/Shock Theater monster fad, but the Bond mania of the era, too! (Interestingly and, I'm sure, coincidentally, there's also a 60's Nick Carter novel titled Code Name: Werewolf.) Drawn by Tony Tallarico, Werewolf's all-black outfit reminds me agreeably of Diabolik. I'm going to have to try and hunt this down someday.

Just a reminder – last week's Wednesday Cover Contest ends tonight at midnight. If you want to get in on a chance to win the new Tales of the Green Lantern Corps trade paperback, scroll down to this post for the rules and instructions.


NoelCT said...

You can find the first issue for a decent price here.

Martin Powell said...

I've never seen this WEREWOLF comic either, although I'm a big fan of Dell's FRANKENSTEIN and DRACULA superhero comics.

I know I shouldn't like them. They aren't even remotely well done...but I've got to give the comics credit for doing something wildly different and unexpected with these characters. Today, I'd rather read either of these titles than a typical Marvel or DC comic.

Hmm...wonder if super-spy Werewolf even consulted with The Phantom on wolf-training tips?