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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday Cover: Doctor Strange

I haven't read an issue of Doctor Strange in probably twenty years, and even when I was younger, I never read it regularly. Usually, I only picked up an issue when I really liked the artist drawing it; someone who, in my opinion, could bring to the book the truly bizarre and imaginative visuals that the concept demanded. So, I read it when Michael Golden drew it, during Marshal Rogers' run, and when Paul Smith had his brief stint on the title in the early 80's. This portrait of Marvels' sorcerer supreme by the aforementioned Smith should make it clear why.


Martin Powell said...

Y'know, I was never a regular reader of DOCTOR STRANGE either, although I like the character very much. Strange has lots of potential, but rarely lives up to the concept.

I've often wondered what the Sorcerer Supreme would have been like as written by Bruce Jones or Alan Moore.

Or...Clive Barker...!

El Vox said...

I thought Dr. Strange would be good for a movie treatment if they found the right script. There was a movie made back in the 80's or 70's that was okay for the fxs they had back then.

Craig Zablo said...

Man, are we on the same wavelength about Dr. Strange!!