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Friday, February 20, 2009

Yet Another Sword & Sorcery Sequel

Now, this is getting creepy.

In addition to the much delayed and eagerly anticipated (by me, anyway) sequel to 1982's The Sword And the Sorcerer, Tales of An Ancient Empire, now, apparently, there is also a sequel in the works to the 1980 late-night cable staple, Hawk The Slayer, called Hawk the Hunter!

Hawk The Slayer was an entertainingly cheesy, low-budget British fantasy film starring John Terry (Jack's dad on Lost) and the always awesome Jack Palance. It was very much in the Dungeons & Dragons mode (minus anything as costly as actual dragons, mind you), so of course, I love it – especially the disco-tinged musical score!

But never, in my wildest dreams, would I imagine that anyone would actually produce a sequel, especially at this late date. They have an official website, and everything.

What's next? Deathstalker: A New Beginning?


NoelCT said...

Wow. That was unexpected. I wonder if they'll keep the F/X look of the whirling neon balls.

Now if they could just throw together a sequel to THE WARRIOR & THE SORCERESS.

Ian Sokoliwski said...

Hawk the Slayer!!!!!!!


We need Hawk 2 like we need....well, like we need Hudson Hawk 2.


Hey, waitaminnit....

Hudson Hawk the Slayer 2.

The best crossover sequel since those old Charles Band movies all crashed together..