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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Wednesday Cover: The Phantom Stranger

Another one of my favorite Jim Aparo covers. I just love everything about it, especially the way that Deadman's emerging from the crypt wall. Simple, effective design and wonderful drawing. man, I miss Aparo and this kind of art....


Martin Powell said...

I really enjoy these Wednesday cover postings.

Aparo was a master of design and atmosphere, all right. I received the second and third volumes of Showcase's BRAVE AND THE BOLD for Christmas and there's Aparo fest aplenty between the covers.

Highly recommended.

El Vox said...

If you enjoy comics, and I know ya do. Check out these if you already haven't, they're a lot of fun to watch:

Basically it's three comic geeks that enjoy discussing comic books. I just found the site myself, but it's a lot of fun.

Paul Brazill said...


Scott Parker said...

By the time I started reading comics (mid-late 70s), Batman *was* the way Aparo drew him. Brave and the Bold was my favorite comic. I'm glad he stayed on long enough to draw the Death in the Family stories. Now, Jim Lee is pretty darn good for realistic appearances and Neil Adams broke the 60s cheesy mold but Aparo's Batman is the one that sticks in my mind.

Martin Powell said...

My favorite Batman artist has long been the late, great Marshall Rogers. I'm very glad that I got to meet Marshall and tell him that before he passed away. I probably have one of his last autographs.

However...since getting these two big thick Showcase BRAVE AND THE BOLD books, I'm seeing a lot more of Jim Aparo's Batman artwork than ever before.

For me, he's right up there with Marshall and Neal as the definitive artist for the character.

By the way, does anyone else besides me really miss the bat-in-the-yellow-oval chest insignia?