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Monday, January 05, 2009

Tales Of An Ancient Empire

I've admitted my fondness for the 1982 fantasy flick The Sword & The Sorcerer here before, and further confessed my delight in hearing, some months back, that director Albert Pyun had announced that he was finally preparing to film the long-promised sequel, Tales of the Ancient Empire.

Well, AICN has posted some stills from the filming of that much-anticipated sequel on their site today.

Pyun has not made another film nearly as entertaining as The Sword & The Sorcerer in 27 years, and he's made a lot of movies. Still, I'm embarrassingly excited about this new flick, and can't wait for it to come out... almost certainly direct-to-DVD.


Cunningham said...

Hey now, Chris.

Don't be knocking the D2DVD. It's been very good to me.

Charles Gramlich said...

I have a novel entitled "The Sword and the Sorcerer, and I think it might be a novelization. I've got to dig it out.

Michael May said...

I just watched Pyun's version of JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH a week or so ago. Horrible!

This looks fun though. Kevin Sorbo rules. You've got me wanting to go back and watch SWORD AND THE SORCEROR again.

Gibran Graham said...

I love that movie! Now I can't wait this prequel. Hmmm ... maybe we can show it at next year's SnowCon ...

Tim Byrd said...

I love The Sword and The Sorceror. A great sword and sorcery flick with more than a touch of the ol' Errol Flynn. And Lee Horsley makes a great hero.


Tim Byrd

Albert Pyun said...

Hi All,

Albert Pyun here (yes, its really the infamous me). I uploaded a scene from Tales so please view and give me your comments. It will help in the final shaping or the film. Thanks for all the support!

There's also some pics and stuff from the original Sword on a Facebook page.

Albert Pyun