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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ricardo Montalban, RIP

Why is it that I always seem to be posting obituaries in bunches?

Ricardo Montalban, the distinguished Mexican actor who was immortalized in countless movies and television shows, has passed away at age 88.

Like any other card-carrying Trekkie, I will always hold a special place in my heart for Senor Montalban's portrayal of genetically-enhanced 21st Century warlord Khan Noonian Singh in the classic Star Trek episode "Space Seed," and in the 1982 feature film, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan:

"He tasks me. He tasks me and I shall have him! I'll chase him 'round the moons of Nibia and 'round the Antares Maelstrom and 'round Perdition's flames before I give him up! "

Rest in peace, sir.


Charles Gramlich said...

I liked his characterization of Khan myself immensely and am sorry to hear of his passing.

I believe, one little tidbit, is that in the actual episode his name was spelled Kahn.

coffee said...

Ricardo Montalban must have been a contender for Lady's Man of the year at least a few times during his lifetime