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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

DVD Late Show Reborn!

After many, many months of trying to decide whether or not I wanted to continue writing my DVD review column (it's a surprisingly time-consuming endeavor), and then trying to find a new home for it (the present regime at Quick Stop Entertainment never really seemed very interested in having the column on their site, though they were quite patient when my health issues first made posting infrequent), DVD Late Show is returning to the interwebnet.

The first new column – which will be mostly old stuff to regular readers of this blog, though the second installment (on the 20th) will be pretty much all-new – makes its debut today over at Forces of Geek, a brand-new pop culture website. It's an exciting new site with a couple dozen columnists and plenty of fun stuff to check out.

DVD Late Show will be appearing on a bi-weekly schedule for now. With luck, I'll be able to maintain that pace for a while.

As to my DVD Late Show archive site... it's a mess at the moment, out-of-date and falling apart. I do have hopes of rebuilding it sometime this year, but I couldn't hazard a guess as to when it might actually get done. It's a real irritant, because there's several hundred reviews there, and I really would like them to be accessible. Oh well, one of these days...



I'm on it

El Vox said...

I look forward to it, thanks for the head's up and the link.