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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weekend Theater: Bravo Scooby Doo

Back in the day, Cartoon Network programmers had some genuine respect for classic animation, and so did the creators of their original World Premiere Toons, also known as What A Cartoon Show and Cartoon Cartoons.

This episode of the Johnny Bravo series (which I was a huge fan of, along with its companion series, Dexter's Laboratory, Cow & Chicken, and I Am Weasel) is a fun and funny parody of the original Hanna-Barbera Scooby Doo: Where Are You? TV series, but it also has a bunch of clever references to other classic cartoons, including a couple of vintage Looney Tunes shorts. Sadly, in the short ten years since this was made, Cartoon Network has devolved beyond being capable of producing anything this clever. (Bigfoot?!)

Makes me glad I no longer have cable.


Charles Gramlich said...

oh, it said it was no longer available. sounds like it was worth seeing. I've noticed the decline in cartoon quality as well, although I do like "Robot Chicken." Over all entertainment is dumbing down just like many other areas.

Christopher Mills said...

Hmmm. It's still working for me. Weird.

NoelCT said...

Not a fan of BEN 10?