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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I Want to be Punished!

Boy, that subject line is going to attract a lot of kinky new readers. Anyway, the latest comic book-based movie, Punisher: War Zone, starring Ray Stevenson, has crashed and burned at the box office. Even though it was the sole wide opening release last weekend, it came in #8 and grossed a mere $4 mil in 2,508 theaters, far less than the $13.8 mil that the Punisher (starring Thomas Jane) took in four years ago.

The majority of reviews have been decidedly negative, although there are a few dissidents out there who thought it was fun. Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing it – on DVD – because: I like the character, the 2004 film, and will even will admit to enjoying the Dolph Lundgren Punisher version from 1989. No, seriously.

Frankly (ha! The Punisher's real name is "Frank Castle"), I don't need much from a Punisher film – just lots of mob guys getting mowed down with a wide variety of deadly weapons. A plot or wit would be nice bonuses, but aren't vital.

I guess it's just more proof that my taste in movies is – shall we say – masochistic.

ADDENDUM: Scott Mendelson compares all three Punisher movies here – and it doesn't sound like he hates the Dolph Lundgren version either.


Craig Zablo said...

LOL! I'm with you Chris.

I remember telling a movie sbob one time that sometimes all it takes to make a film worthy are some really bad guys or monsters and a good guy with a shotgun. You should have seen the look of shock -- priceless.

Charles Gramlich said...

I liked the thomas Jane version pretty well. This actor didn't quite capture it for me but I'll probably rent the movie on ppv.

Ian Sokoliwski said...

It is so odd that The Punisher is the funnybook franchise that seems to have the hardest transition to film - it's such a simple, non super-powered idea that it should translate easily.

Maybe that's the problem. It's too easy. And it probably suffers from too much examination, due to it's roots as an adaptation, than, say, those Steven Seagal flicks from the late 80's and early 90's. Yeah, those got panned as well, but bums still got put in seats.

I've heard some good things about this one...but more in a good if you wait for the DVD kinda way.

And Dolph's version of Frank wasn't the worst funnybook movie ever made (I'm looking at you, Captain America)(and don't think you got away, Spawn), but it was a lot less than it easily could have been.