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Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Digger and the Dame

Here are four recent pages of pencils by Rick Burchett for our upcoming Gravedigger graphic novel, The Predators. These have been shipped off to artist Fred Harper (who drew my Nightmark feature in the old Shadow House comic I used to publish) for inking.

You may notice something familiar about the hot babe in these pages – yeah, that's right, she's modeled after Angie Dickinson. I figured that since Digger was obviously based on the late, great Lee Marvin, it was time for him to run up against one of his more frequent co-stars (Point Blank, The Killers, Death Hunt).

It's going slow – Rick and Fred are both insanely busy with other work – but we're shooting to have this out next year.

Click on the images for larger views.


Craig Zablo said...

Boss, you have made my day! The pencils looks great. The idea to add Angie was such a perfect touch... and I can't believe I didn't see something like that coming.

Charles Gramlich said...

I always liked Angie Dickenson.

Jon said...

Still going with the horizontal orientation, eh?

Christopher Mills said...

The plan is to include the original one-shot ("The Scavengers") as a "bonus" feature in the graphic novel, which, barring unforseen complications, will be bound sideways like those old Garfield strip collections.

We'll do the same on the paperback collection of the Femme Noir online comics, as well.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me it will all be in color this time?!

Average Joe