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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Femme Noir #3 Review

I guess issue #3 of Femme Noir: The Dark City Diaries did indeed go on sale last Wednesday, as I stumbled across a nice review of it over at Comixtreme's "Done-In-One Reviews:"
As if Port Nocturne didn’t have enough problems with crime there is a new menace prowling the street. During one of the many gangland shootings, a local hood gets mortally wounded, but manages to stumble into a lab that is owned by the US Government and you wouldn’t believe what they are trying to create inside. And it will take all the skills and tenacity of the mysterious Blonde Justice to stop this rampaging metal monster from taking over the entire city. This is certainly a unique mob-story; it has plenty of action with a Sci-fi twist, but it still retains its seedy style. If you like hard boiled action and ladies packing plenty of heat than this title is for you.Rating: 3.5/5—Terry Verticchio

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Bill Spangler said...

I picked up a copy of FEMME NOIR #3 on Monday. Again, you did a first-rate job telling a solid story in the relatively compact space of one issue. Molly Gunn's characterization was particularly sharp.
If the quality of Joe Staton's art is any indication, he must be having a great time doing this book. I do miss Rod Riley's yellow trench coat, though (g).