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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kolchak Tales #2 Review

Reviewer Ray Tate at Comics Bulletin just posted a very positive review of Kolchak Tales: Night Stalker of the Living Dead #2, which is still on sale.
What makes Kolchak unique is Kolchak himself. Christopher Mills taps out the purple prose of Carl Kolchak in the engrossing narration and the monster hunting journalist's snappy patter. Very easily I heard Darren McGavin speaking each word. His charm comes from the way he sweet talks a sympathetic sheriff, and of course, Carl is the person you want to have by your side when your world takes a dip into a pool of blood being supped upon by cosmos knows what.

Another thing that I feel Mills must be credited for is separating the zombie film from the infection film. When you get right down to it, the films everybody can identify as zombie films really aren't. Most students in the macabre genre know this. They simply cannot shake off that damn zombie moniker. Who better than Carl Kolchak to relay the truth:

"My dear. I know zombies...And these are not zombies."


Charles Gramlich said...

Very cool. Congrats.

laughingwolf said...

well done, chris!

Ian Sokoliwski said...

Heh - and, yet, when people were asking what I was working on, I found it easier to say I was colouring a book about zombies.

Yep, I'm part of the problem, not part of the solution.


Kevin said...

Wow! Getting a positive review from Ray is not an easy task. Congrats Chris!