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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Femme Noir Thursday UPDATED

According to the distributor's shipping list, the first issue of Femme Noir: The Dark City Diaries will be in the majority of U.S. comic stores – those that ordered it, anyway – on Thursday, July 10th. Normally, new comics go on sale on Wednesday, but shipping was delayed a day by last Friday's holiday. Interestingly enough (to me, anyway), if not for that delay, the book would be streeting on my birthday, Wednesday the 9th.

Also, any stores that didn't get their copies of Kolchak Tales: Night Stalker of the Living Dead #2 last week, should be receiving them Thursday, as well.

I'm thinking of driving down to Portland Thursday evening and maybe snap a photo of the books actually on the shelves....

UPDATED: The fourth and final issue of this Femme Noir miniseries is currently listed in the July Diamond Comics PREVIEWS catalog. You'll find it on page 198 under "Ape Entertainment," and it has been singled out by the distributor as "Certified Cool." The Diamond Item Codes are: JUL083648 for Cover "A" (Staton & Lopez) and JUL083649 for Cover "B" by the late Mike Wieringo and co-creator Joe Staton.


Charles Gramlich said...

I'll be down by my comic store on Thursday afternoon so will stop by to see if it's available.

The Evil DM said...

Congratulations Christopher,
I picked it up Thursday and I'll be back for more. I also posted about it on my Blog.
The only thing I didn't care for is that her wig kept making me think of Hansel & Gretel or Goldilocks, which was ruining mood for me cause she's this cool night prowling chick with a terrible wig. Other than that I loved it.

By the way, when introducing Vanessa DeMilo we are told she sings at the Chanteuse nightclub- yet in the panel the MC says "The Club Selene proudly presents..."

Is that a blooper?
Do I get a No-Prize?

Christopher Mills said...

Read it again. It says that *she's* the "city's most popular nightclub chanteuse;" a chanteuse is a woman singer. The name of the nightclub is Club Selene.

No No-Prize for you!

The Evil DM said...

AARRGGH! Foiled again!