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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Grimjack's back – and ComicMix has 'im!

There's a new online comics "portal" that just made it's debut: ComicMix.

What's different about this one? Well, it's got a new Grimjack graphic novel by John Ostrander and Tim Truman, to start. Grimjack's my favorite comic of all time, so anyone who brings me new GJ is already way ahead on points, in my scorebook.

They also have EZ Street, a new project from Robert Tinnel (The Black Forest) and Mark Wheatley (Frankenstein Mobster), The Adventures of Simone & Ajax, from my good pal Andrew Pepoy, new Munden's Bar stories, and, apparently, Mike Grell's Jon Sable!

New comics every day, in 6-7 page chunks. Free. How cool is that?

According to their PR, these projects will appear online for free first, and then be collected in print volumes. Sounds like a good plan to me.

Check 'em out!

1 comment:

Charles Gramlich said...

Cool. Thanks for the heads up. I went and read the "Manx Cat" story. Particularly liked the ending dialogue.